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Testimonials from Clients

We did a Hypnobirthing session with Carys before the whole world got taken over by this awful virus. I was a little sceptical about how useful I would find it as I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect but from the minute Carys walked into our home she put us both completely at ease and made me feel really open to learning everything she could possibly tell me. I learnt more from our session about how my body will operate during labour than I have from anyone else during my pregnancy. 
Some of the benefits from the course were immediate - introducing the relaxation scripts at bedtime had an instant impact on getting to sleep for me and as a lifelong insomniac that’s no mean feat! We’ve then introduced more things like essential oils at bedtime that I will also use in my delivery room to ground me.
Practicing the breathing techniques has helped me stay much calmer in a number of situations - hello ridiculous office politics! - and I can honestly say there is no way on earth I would feel as calm as I do about being a few days out from meeting our baby in the midst of a global pandemic if it wasn’t for both this course but also Carys ongoing support. This lady is INCREDIBLE! It’s so lovely to have met someone with such genuine passion for helping others with something as life changing as their birth experience but she manages to be empowering, uplifting, reassuring even when she can’t actually see you. Just the odd text to check in or a helpful update or tip that she’s seen somewhere that could be useful.
I honestly can not recommend her highly enough.

Gina & Kelvin, Herts.

Carys is such a lovely teacher, and makes you feel instantly at ease like you’ve know her for years! 
Hypnobirthing was something I really wanted to do although didn’t know to much about it (and think my husband just went along with it because I kept going on about it) we both really gained so much out of it! Especially now in my 38th week of pregnancy and in the middle of a pandemic, I feel I’ve learnt a lot that I can use to help to keep myself calm and grounded! 
It’s lovely Carys is there every step of the way just on the end of the phone whether it be for a refresh or just a pep talk.
Highly recommend Carys if you want to gain a lot of knowledge and feel totally at ease along the way!


Ruth & Matt, Bedfordshire.

Carys is amazing!

Signing up to her course was the number one best thing we did during this pregnancy. Her caring, open and candid nature made each session feel intimate, comfortable, relaxed and fun. We learnt so much on her course and it really supported us to work together as a team and get us really excited for the birth. We know that no matter what happens in the birth, we can handle it - and this is all thanks to Carys. I am about a week away from giving birth and I feel calm, excited and ready - thank you Carys xxx

Rivkah & Simon, London

Carys is an inspiring teacher and her course taught me lots of incredibly useful techniques to use during my pregnancy to keep the nerves away.  Those techniques turned out to be invaluable during the birth itself - helping me stay calm and relaxed through a long induction process that ended in an emergency c section.

Hypnobirthing helped me feel more in control during the induction - which was an odd process, not knowing if and how your body would respond at each stage - and was so useful during the c section itself in distracting me from everything going on in theatre.


Without Carys’s course my birth experience would have been a real struggle for me, and nowhere near as positive, and this definitely helped my recovery and post-birth bonding with my baby.

Second time parents, Harpenden.


Can I say a massive thank you Carys. While the birth was far form 'pain free' for Becca I think we both knew that wasn't realistic, but the things you taught us and the Hypnobirthing process definitely gave us the focus and mindset that meant that we had the birth that we wanted.


Just like we planned it. It was amazing.

Thank you.


Becca & Owen, Harpenden.

Carys is simply wonderful! After a “rough ride” with my first son’s birth, I was feeling nervous being pregnant again and what was ahead of us. It’s so hard to put a negative experience behind you, but Carys put us at ease, offered unreserved support and made me feel excited and empowered for the birth of our second son. What a contrast to the first! We had a quick and beautiful home water birth in record time, everything we dreamt of. Carys helped to develop those positive affirmations, feelings and thoughts that meant we were in the best position and mindset possible when the time came.

People invest in so many things to “improve/look after themselves”, from fitness and dieting, to spas and beauty etc; Why wouldn’t you invest in having the most brilliant support ahead of brining life into the world.

Carys you are a beautiful person and helped us have our dream birth!

Harriett & Jamie, Herts.

Hi Carys,
I just wanted to say thank you for your positivity and support throughout our journey to birth. Even though I didn’t have the natural birth I wanted, I was able to use the breathing and visualisations to help me through my induction and also during the c section in staying calm.  
Carys was more than just a teacher, she felt like a close friend who only wanted the best for us. Her positivity and support throughout our journey to birth was incredible.A huge thank you to her!Highly recommend!
Thank you so much!

Alex & Tyron, Hatfield.

I don't feel like it was the 'perfect' birth because I don't think that exists, but it was the best it could have possibly been for me, Josh and Baby Etta.

Even though we didn't get to take advantage of all the lovely labour plans we had (films, funny TV shows, playlists, video messages from friends etc) we saved them up for the week post birth instead.

I'm so very grateful for Carys' help, calming influence and putting some of the techniques/hypnobirthing ideas into a practical context for us. Thank you!! x

Jemima and Josh, Hertfordshire.

Our lovely little boy was born 22nd July 2019, weighing 7lbs 11.5oz.  The birth was very straight forward, even thought we had to change hospitals (by ambulance at our request). We had cuddles in under 24hrs, so much quicker than my little girl. 

I found the hypnobirthing helped, I used a couple of tracks and yoga music in early labour, plus kept running some affirmations through my mind throughout. Staff here kept complimenting my breathing to cope with powerful surges. 

Thank you so much again for all your support. It really was much appreciated. xx

Sian and Neil, Aberystwyth.

The best decision I made throughout my pregnancy was signing up for a 121 course with Carys.

She dealt with delivering the whole course over Zoom really well and it didn't at all affect the quality of the experience. We were delighted to be coached by such a positive and warm individual and both my husband and I got SO MUCH out of the course. We finished feeling so well informed and with a full tool box to help us through our birth. Learning hypnobirthing for all types of birth was particularly important to me and I was so impressed by how Carys talked us through all the eventualities evoking a feeling of strength and power. I am now really looking forward to my birth because I feel so confident that I can tackle whatever comes my way and I truly believe that I am considerably more prepared and happier because of Carys and her incredible course. My husband, too, has been telling everyone how brilliant it is and how much better equipped he feels to be my birthing partner. Having continued support from Carys after the course, too, has been fantastic and we are just so grateful that we found her. Thank you, Carys!

Claire & Rich, Hertfordshire.

Carys is so positive about birth, she is inspiring to talk to, and grows confidence in expecting mothers. She tailors the material to each mother /couple and listens to you answering any questions pragmatically. She is generous with sharing her own experience of birth while acknowledging that every woman, birth, baby, and situation is different. After my hypnobirthing session with her I felt confident and excited about birthing my baby.

Hannah, St Albans.

I can honestly say that Hypnobirthing has changed my life. I use the breathing techniques daily to overcome any anxiety and am in awe of what my body can do by tuning in to the skills I have learnt.

Katy and Chris

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