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A Bit About Me

Carys Worsdale

BA, DipHb (KGH)

KGHypnobirthing Teacher &

Founder of Be Kind Hypnobirthing.

Hello, I'm Carys Worsdale founder of Be Kind Hypnobirthing.

Originally from Aberystwyth in West Wales, I am now based in Hertfordshire. I am a mum to cheeky Hypno toddler called William. I had such an amazing, calm and empowering birth experience with him that I got a little obsessed with chatting to pregnant women and wanting to share my positive birth story as far as possible.

I have hypnobirthing to thank for this obsession! 

Since becoming a mum and having such an empowering birth, I have become so passionate about the importance of a good birth education, whatever that birth looks like for you! I feel so privileged to be able to help families at such a special moment in their lives, and work with them to achieve a positive birth experience and go into parenthood feeling confident. Be Kind Hypnobirthing was founded when my son was only 1 year old, I was sleep deprived and juggling this new life of motherhood, but my absolute passion for making a difference and wanting to help as many families as possible didn't let that stop me.


I qualified as a Hypnobirthing teacher in 2018, trained by KGHypnobirthing the original UK Hypnobirthing company which is Royal College of Midwives accredited. After teaching the YesMum® birth project syllabus with Hollie de Cruz for almost two years, in 2021 I decided to join The Mindful Birth Group®. The Mindful Birth syllabus focusses on controlling the uncontrollable, highlights the fact that Hypnobirthing is for EVERYONE and any type of birth and includes lots of Mindfulness techniques - which I am extremely passionate about.


Get in touch 

I hate the thought of hypnobirthing being deemed a luxury and that expectant couples are held back for financial reasons.


I empathise that when times are tough, choices can become more limited. With that in mind I have flexible and more affordable course options, I offer free phone consultations and free relaxation MP3s if you get in touch. We can also agree on a payment plan if that helps spread the cost of the course.

I now work with families across the globe thanks to the wonders of Zoom!

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