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Welcome to Be Kind Birthing

Congratulations on your pregnancy or plans to extend the family.  

If  you want to feel completely prepared for the birth of your gorgeous baby, look no further!

I offer Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation courses that will take you from feeling worried of the unknown to feeling completely empowered and fully informed.  


My group course spaces are limited so book your place now HERE! And don't worry - there is no chanting or pocket watches in sight!

My Birth and Postnatal Doula services will support you and your partner during the birth of your baby and in your home during those early months of navigating life with a newborn.

Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans

Be Kind Birthing

Doula led Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation for ALL births.

Hypnobirthing, Birth Preparation, Birth Doula & Postnatal Doula.

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Why Be Kind Birthing?

Hey, thanks for being here. Massive congratulations on the pregnancy, I hope you're feeling well. 


I am here to support you during your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood journey through my Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation courses and my Birth and Postnatal Doula services. I have worked with hundreds of couples since 2018 and have lots of experience with all types of births and helping navigate the local maternity system.

I can help you release those understandable fears and fill your mind with confidence and enthusiasm for your birth. I believe that knowledge is power and by going into labour fully informed, empowered with your own choices and feeling calm and confident  - you can have a positive birth, however that looks for you. 


I will never tell you what choices to make and will never promise you a perfect birth- I am here to educate and support you (and your partner) in a logical, practical, honest and mindful way.  


My group Hypnobirthing courses are also a lovely way of building up that village of support by making new friends for life, I always set up a what's app group to continue those friendships and support bubble.

If you prefer something more bespoke I offer private 1:1 sessions at a time and place that suit you.

Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans
Be Kind Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans

About me

Hello, I'm Carys Worsdale, I founded Be Kind Birthing in 2018 after a really positive (but no way straight forward) birth with my cheeky son, William.

Originally from Aberystwyth in West Wales, I am now based in Harpenden in Hertfordshire but teach people worldwide online. 


I got obsessed with talking about my own positive birth that I decided to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher and help other families achieve the same....and I have never looked back!


I am passionate about helping as many pregnant people as possible and never want the cost to put people off- so offer flexible payment options, lots of free stuff and monthly "pay what you can" spaces on all of my monthly group courses. Sign up to my newsletter at the top of this page for up to date news, weekly tips and access to some freebies.

In 2021 I trained as a Birth & Post Natal Doula - I absolutely love supporting families on an even more personal level during their births and in their postnatal period as a Doula.

Hypnobirthing Course Details

I am currently teaching my group courses both face to face in the Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire area and live on Zoom (where you can wear your pyjamas without me ever knowing!)

I offer private 1:1 sessions for local families in the comfort of your own home following covid safe government guidelines. 

I recommend starting a Hypnobirthing course anytime after your 20 week scan, but it is never too late to learn and I often teach couples as late as 36 weeks pregnant.


To be the first to hear about the next Group Courses taking place please drop me a message and join the mailing list.

Get in touch...

Thank you for getting in touch. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Kind Words from Clients...

Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans
Be Kind_icon_gold.png

"Carys was more than just a teacher, she felt like a close friend who only wanted the best for us. Her positivity and support throughout our journey to birth was incredible..."

Alex & Tyron, Hertfordshire.

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"This lady is INCREDIBLE! It's so lovely to have met someone with such genuine passion for helping others with something as life changing as their birth experience but she manages to be empowering, uplifting, reassuring even when she can't actually see you. "

Gina, Hertfordshire.

Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans
Hypnobirthing | Harpenden | St Albans
Be Kind_icon_gold.png

"Carys is such a lovely teacher, and makes you feel instantly at ease like you’ve know her for years! 
Hypnobirthing was something I really wanted to do although didn’t know to much about it (and think my husband just went along with it because I kept going on about it) but we both really gained so much out of it! "

Ruth and Matt, Hertfordshire.

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